Royce Amy Morales
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Until Richard saunters into her classroom, this spiritual teacher could swear she's happy.  Passionate about doing meaningful work, utterly in love with her husband of almost eight years, she's living her dreams.  How could this cynical, somewhat hostile student rock her world, capturing heart and soul?

She teaches others how imperative it is to listen to and trust their inner intuitive guidance.  Her own inner voice is screaming that she is supposed to be with this man.  It's never mislead her before.  So, she dives in blindly, heart first, risking everything, eventually discovering that soul mate love has a mind of its own.

Want is the truer story of soul mate love.  Eternal love meets fear of love head on.  

Busting commonly accepted spiritual truisms and cliched notions of finding one's "other half," the author explores the depths, mysteries and myths of soul-connected relationships using her own journey as vehicle.   

Traversing lifetimes of inner battles and core programmed issues spanning millenniums, the teacher becomes a student of her own teachings, coming full circle to what she knew from the start.

This first person narrative shares insights from the author's transformational inner work developed in the Perfect Life Awakening seminars she's been conducting since 1978.

Her unique perspective on spiritual and metaphysical concepts offers thought provoking insights that can enlighten, inspire and change lives.  

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List Price: $4.99
Print Length: 483 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: December 29, 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508094975

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Royce Amy Morales