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What goes wrong can’t go wrong again—or can it?

Being the lead investigators of a time continuum conundrum makes life tricky for paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith. It becomes even trickier when the time machine begins turning people immortal. Teaming up with a frightened Puritan and a moon-dwelling hipster, they set out to take down an enemy that threatens all existence. But through time and space, these time travelers might be in over their heads—and beyond their years.

Time Binge follows this group of outcasts as they breeze from year to year, battling top-secret organizations, religious fanatics, and their own poor understanding of physics—mainly their poor understanding of physics. It is the first book in the Brooks & Smith standalone series. 

Book Details
List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 234 Pages
Publisher: Befuddling Books
Publication Date: February 19, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9780998212005

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About the author

Martina Fetzer

Martina was born in Florida, which was probably the last time she wasn't cold. After living all over the U.S., she found herself in West Virginia where she graduated with minimal student debt and an M.A. in English from West Virginia University. Since then, she has worked as a technical writer, editor, and adjunct instructor. In her spare time, Martina enjoys comic books, sci-fi, hockey, and drawing things. She has written as a hobby since she was a tween, and recently founded Befuddling Books to publish her work. Her first novel, a satiric take on time travel called Time Binge, was released in November 2016. Its sequel, Time Purge, came shortly thereafter in March 2017. Her third book, a superhero parody called The Bedazzlers, was released in September 2017. Martina's style draws from her love of comic books, combining science fiction, fantasy, and humor.