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In a virtual reality world of griefers, trolls, and anonymous terrorists, no one can tell what is real or who is pulling the strings


Gabby Syme is a VR agent for Savannah, the virtual reality network that covers the world. Taking advantage of a sudden opportunity, she is able to infiltrate the Supreme Council, the anonymous group of terrorists who wish to destroy the Savannah network. With each member named for a day of the week, the Council meets on a fantasy VR server, where Gabby goes undercover to take on the role of Thursday.


Despite discovering that no one is who they say they are and nothing is what it seems, Gabby is still able to close in on the leader of the group, the mysterious and terrifying Sunday.

But nothing can prepare her for what she finds. 


Thursday is a reimagining of G.K. Chesterton's astonishing thriller The Man Who Was Thursday, named one of the 100 best fantasies of all time in Michael Moorcock's survey of the field. Jake Kerr has combined intrigue, virtual reality, and gaming culture in an apocalyptic setting that takes one of the best fantasies of all time and moves it into the realm of VR and cyberpunk.

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List Price: $3.99
Print Length: 215 Pages
Publisher: Quanta Books
Publication Date: October 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537834177

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About the author

Jake Kerr

After fifteen years as a music industry journalist Jake Kerr's first published story, "The Old Equations," was nominated for the Nebula Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America and was shortlisted for the Theodore Sturgeon and StorySouth Million Writers awards. His stories have subsequently been published in magazines across the world, broadcast in multiple podcasts, and been published in multiple anthologies and year's best collections. A graduate of Kenyon College, Kerr studied fiction under Ursula K. Le Guin and Peruvian playwright Alonso Alegria. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his crazy yet wonderful family.