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Everyone wants to be happy. Few are willing to pay the self-improvement bill that comes with this pursuit. Success in life is like wrestling with a Gorilla; you don’t stop when you are tired; you stop when the Gorilla is tired. In “Thinking about Thinking” Herman Veitch shares some useful grips to wrestle the Gorilla. He takes complicated concepts and breaks them down into understandable success principles everybody can apply.

He uses more than a decade of coaching experience and shares with the reader practical tools to:

• Create your self-philosophy that set you free and not self-sabotage.

• Understand how to improve your emotional intelligence and have meaningful relationships with others.

• Be surprised by authentic happiness based on the personal development that happens as a result of reading this book.

• Improve the quality of life by improving the quality of thinking.

• Build personal resilience to get up every time that life knocks you down.

He respects the reader’s intelligence by not over-explaining concepts, and at the same time, he stays faithful to the age-old storytelling traditions of great thinkers.

In essence, this book is an introduction to observing your thoughts. Pointing the way to help the reader create the good life for themselves. So, if you are tired of being stuck and feel that positive change is needed, this book is for you.

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 144 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: October 2, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537835648

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About the author

Herman Veitch

I am an explorer at heart. As a boy, growing up in Southern Africa, my mother told me, I may explore only as far into the bush as I could see the roof of the house. So I took a long rope and explored until I could see the tip of the roof. Tied the rope to a tree and explored further, until the rope ran out. This practical creativity I bring to everything I do. As an adult explorer (yes I like to travel), I am fascinated with finding potential and inner strength in the people I engage with. I found an outlet for this passion, first as a lecturer in Sports Psychology but lately as a Profesional Certified Business and Leadership Coach. The world I explore now is the field of Neuroscience and Emotions. My first book "Thinking about Thinking" is an introduction to meta-thinking. I plan to explore emotions next. The tentative title is "Thinking about Emotions"