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The Scarlet Cord is a story of survival, breaking free, finding your place, discovering faith, and finding someone who sees you for who you really are.

Rahab grows up under the harsh rule of her father who forces her to use her body for his gain. After a great loss, she flees her father's house, but eventually she falls back into living the life of a harlot in order to survive. Despite how she lives and what she has endured, she feels a pull towards the stories of the Hebrew people and their God and somehow knows that her future lies with them. She ends up in the right place and time to be used mightily by the God of the Israelites. She even finds a love she never thought she would have.

Salmon is a commander among the Hebrew people. He was born in the desert, and has been wandering all his life. He has never wed, and feels deeply that God has someone set aside for him. He just hasn't met her yet. Salmon is sent into the city of Jericho as a spy and ends up finding his love in a brave, strong, independent, confident woman, despite that she happens to be a harlot in a godless city.

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 267 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: August 15, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537877822

The Scarlet Cord

The Scarlet Cord

About the author

Debbie McQueen
Riverside County, California, USA

I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband, and we have two amazing daughters. I have been lucky enough to work part time, so I can be home with my kids after school and during their school breaks. We are goofy and random, and I love us! My older daughter is an avid reader like myself, and she is old enough now that we can share YA books, and have all kinds of bookish fangirling and conversations. My younger daughter loves to write, she is on the computer more often than not, typing away, look out for her in the future. We have 3 black cats and one Aussie shepherd mix, so our house is full of fun and fur. I am a huge book fan. I love so many different genres from YA (my new favorite), Paranormal Fiction, Supernatural Romance, Urban Fantasy, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance, Medical Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries:pretty much everything (so many books, so little time). I have always enjoyed writing. I still have a few different journals from high school with different stories and poems that I wrote. I got the idea for this book about six years ago, during a study on women of the Bible. I had never considered how Rahab had gone from being a harlot to being the great grandmother to King David, and in the bloodline for Jesus. I fell in love with her story, and I thought about what her life might have looked like before she met the Israelite spies. This book was truly a labor of love, and I hope that it brings hope, joy, or even simply entertainment to those that read it. I really loved the experience of exploring a person from the Bible that we know so little about, and I am considering writing another book for the "Beauty in Strength" series that would follow Abigail. I also have a couple other things in different genres that I may pursue in the near future. I think The Scarlet Cord is a unique historical fiction/Christian fiction, I would love to hear what you think.