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Sarah Madsen is a modern young rabbit with a cozy urban life. A yuppie, perhaps, though she'd disagree with the label. After all, yuppies don't hang with eccentric artists in beat-down studios, much less date them. And they don't get pushed out of their apartment by profit-hunting developers, forced to pick between an impossible market and an unsustainable rent.

As she hunts for a new place to live, she learns how her comfortable lifestyle is seen by those around her. Some are sympathetic and kind, some cold and indifferent, some jealous and hostile. None can relieve her frustration from knowing that her easy life is slowly slipping out of her control. She'll take control anywhere she can find it, but not everyone appreciates her attempts to help. Not even herself.

A story of class and success in the millennial age, The Latte Segment explores how well we can trust others, and ourselves, to do the right things in our lives - or, to do anything about them at all.

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List Price: $4.99
Print Length: 270 Pages
Publisher: Leporidae Media
Publication Date: February 26, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 9780997222500

About the author

Zoe Landon

Zoe Landon is an author, programmer, and drummer from Portland, OR. She has been mistaken for a kangaroo more than once.