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The Last Shot is a short story about Thalia Sunborn, and takes place before the novel Nets to Catch the Wind.

Thalia is a member of the Assassins Guild in Terreagles. She is one of the most feared and talented killers to ever walk their halls. But years ago, she broke every rule and risked everything for one chance to do something good.

She failed.

1st place in Radish genre story contest.

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List Price: $0.99
Print Length: 11 Pages
Publisher: Corvid Moon Publishing
Publication Date: October 19, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 9780995010178


The Last Shot

About the author

Laurie Stewart
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

One of my first memories was writing on an antique typewriter. I only regret it took me this long to get serious about it. But now the stories just pour out of me, making new ideas my worst enemy. I write urban YA, urban fantasy and high fantasy. Some have called it "feminist fantasy" because my lead characters are women. I don't deny a streak of "I can do this myself" feminism, but the stories are so much more than their political leanings. Elves, genocide, magic, true love, alternate realities, banshees, vampires, serial killers.... Who could ask for more? I live on a small hobby farm in Ontario, with the love of my life and a 24lb behemoth named Yeti. Rumour is, he thinks he's a white cat.