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     There is no motion. The feeble energy arriving from the distant star is not enough to support motion, yet move I must. Survival is dependent on movement, as winter does not allow sufficient energy accumulation to survive the night. To survive means to feed, and to feed means to stay ahead of the planet’s shadow. Even that will not be enough in another fraction of a revolution. Then, the energy will only be sufficient if I stay aligned with the motion of the planet in such a way as to constantly absorb the noontime sun.

     Ironically, this would be impossible without the cold itself. I cannot feel cold, yet it is a concept that I can clearly sense in the very crystalline structure of the planet. It is much easier to move through the crystal in the cold of winter. In winter I can move halfway around the planet in an instant.

     But not without expending energy. Precious energy. And I cannot stay within the crystal more than the instant used to move. I need to be above the surface to feed from the star. All energy that reaches the surface is lost to me forever.

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Publisher: Digital Science Fiction, an imprint of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.
Publication Date: April 17, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781927598948


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Gustavo Bondoni
LaSalle, Ontario, Canada - Earth - Milky Way Galaxy - Virgo Supercluster

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