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Revised and expanded second edition

Subscriptions are shifting revenues and reshaping markets, and changing our expectations for how we buy things. Have you changed your marketing practices to thrive in this new reality?

Subscription Marketing offers creative marketing strategies for sustaining the customer relationships that build long-term success. This book is a practical guide for marketers, start-up executives, customer success management professionals, and executives of establishing businesses adopting or transitioning to a subscription-based model.

This completely revised, expanded edition includes:

  • Updated research and case studies reflecting the rapid growth of subscription-based businesses
  • Real-world examples of effective value nurturing strategies
  • A new chapter on the risks and challenges of subscription marketing

If your business has recurring revenues, you’ll want to pay attention to how well you’re nurturing subscribers after the sale. This book gives everything you need to align marketing with changing expectations of your customers.

Book Details
List Price: $9.99
Print Length: 147 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508071174

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Anne Janzer
Mountain View, California

Anne Janzer is an author, writer, and marketer. As a professional writer, she has worked with more than one hundred high tech businesses. Lately, though, she has been writing books. She lives in Mountain View, California, surrounded by self-driving cars and coding enthusiasts. Still, nothing makes her quite as happy as a good book. Anne blogs about writing at - where you can sign up for her Writing Practices list.