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The King's Jew
The King's Jew. Book Two
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'The King's Jew' Series. Box Set. Books 1 - 2
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Short And Sweet: Twenty-eight tales for when you need a break

About the author

Darius Stransky
Cheshire. UK

Darius Stransky spends far too much time in the thirteenth century. Prior to that he has been a weekly columnist, broadcaster, journalist, teacher, un-civil servant and many things in-between. Part English Gypsy, part Irish he remains mixed up and loves every minute of his life. He lives in Cheshire, England. The main thing about Darius is that he has lots of time for readers and writers. If you need any help just give him a SHOUT. Oh and he likes real beer and real people – well most people. Cats, yeah he likes cats because they are quiet and solitary. Bit like Darius really!