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The King's Jew
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Short And Sweet: Twenty-eight tales for when you need a break

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Darius Stransky
Manchester. UK

Medievalist, Journalist, Columnist, Novelist, Broadcaster. Some comments from readers; "I love historical fiction and I’ve read all the usual suspects, Cornwell, Iggulden, Kane etc., and I think that these two Darius Stransky novels are up there with the best..... A bold statement to make I know but try them and see for yourself. I can’t wait for Book 3 in the series." By Chris Hinton on 7 Jan. 2017 By email, Mr R Wingfield wrote; "I've just finished TKJ2 and put a review on Amazon (to be published soon). I'll copy it over to Am.com when it goes live on co.uk. Thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact, I couldn't put it down, and finished reading at about 5 am this morning (woke at 2 and couldn't drop off again). Well done on this. I love the slant on the assassination attempt, and creepy Diccon is a classic baddy. The stuff of nightmares. Can't wait to see where he goes next."