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The latest horror collection from Patrick C. Greene includes the new STINGY JACK, OL' SCRATCH, AND A HEAD FULL OF FIRE, plus ten more tales to tingle your spine.

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List Price: $3.99
Print Length: 285 Pages
Publisher: Sekhmet Press
Publication Date: October 27, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537835259

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About the author

Patrick C. Greene
Asheville, NC

As a toddler, Patrick C. Greene was creating horrors in crayon and magic marker upon every available surface. Not surprisingly, he soon discovered comic books and immersed himself in the fantastic worlds found therein. Horror fiction and films came next, and despite spending nights of terror hiding under covers, he always found himself drawn back to tales of dark fates. Greene cut his fangs in the screenwriting business but found his true calling in the world of prose fiction of the kind his heroes King, Barker and Koontz create. With the success of his first novel PROGENY, and the upcoming THE CRIMSON CALLING from Hobbes End Publishing, Greene presents a brand of horror as emotional as it is terrifying, as engaging as it is suspenseful. Living at night, deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Greene answers the call of his morbid muse when not enjoying monstrous helpings of horror, kung fu and doom metal.