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Terraforming or Terrorism? His future is her next target. 

Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts won the chance of a lifetime: terraforming paradise from a cold lifeless planet. He's on Tapagoani XII, with Six his robotic sidekick, waiting for his support crew and supplies to arrive.

The snarky badass payload specialist, Jody Wall, the payload specialist (or is she?) isn't who she appears to be. If her mission is to succeed it will save millions of lives but destroy one: his. 

Marooned together, they'll have to face their fears, make hard choices, and let love and a wise beyond their circuits AI named Six, guide them.

Solar Flame is … Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! 

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 118 Pages
Publisher: Combustible Press
Publication Date: April 24, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537897509

Solar Flame : A Speculative Fiction Romance Series

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About the author

Jayne Fury
Pacific Northwestern USA

Jayne Fury was raised in New York by a Boy Scout and a flock of canonical penguins. She went to university in Rome where she developed her lifelong love of shoes. When she returned she promptly moved West because she’s left handed and claustrophobic. She has walked across Spain. Twice. The author lives on her urban farm in the Pacific Northwest with cats, velociraptors, ukuleles, all the yarn, and extremely tolerant husband. Jayne writes quirky space opera with a little pulp and a little romance. Her paranormal series is the lovechild of Bones and Cowboy Bebop.