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“The dawn will break on your shoulders. You are the son of the revolution.”

“Whoa, hold up there tiger. I’m not the son of anything.”

Alistair Clarimond has spent years running from his past, from the demons he's left behind, from the destruction of the life he used to have. He's kept his head down and his mouth shut, locking the past away, and trying to adapt to life as a genotype—the product of a super soldier serum gone horrifically wrong that turns the afflicted instead into the nightmares of fiction and mythology. And for the most part, he can continue living normally, if he ignores the still-present social tension surrounding the genotypes, and his need for a little extra...iron in his diet.

When a member of the government's Department of Special Defense bursts into a popular genotype haunt, revealing his employer's in-depth plans to commit mass genocide and wipe out the genotypes completely, Alistair is at a loss on what to do. But the troops of the resistance are rallying around him, the local mystic insists that he and he alone is the linchpin for the future of the genotypes, and everyone seems to be in agreement that he should be the one to lead the charge.

Well, everyone except for him.

Alistair needs to decide: let the guilt of his past hold him back and potentially doom the entire genotype population, or rise up to find out what it really means to be the "son of the revolution."

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List Price: $3.99
Print Length: 385 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508073833

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About the author

K Orion Fray
Richmond, VA

K Orion Fray is a twenty-something author living in southern Virginia with two guitars and a microphone, and preps for the impending apocalypse by pretending to run away from zombies.