Book Description

The sun. The moon. The stars. And a plethora of malevolent entities ...

Featuring everything from mystic standing stones to Cold War aliens, Seasonal Disorders is a dramatic anthology of parables of the paranormal inspired by changing seasons and the superstitions surrounding the powerful pull of the planets.

Last Spring is the vernal story, a crazed tale of deranged fairies set in 1920s Warwickshire.

Next, Midsummer Glen, a moody mythological mystery from 1930s Scotland.

Equinox moves to 1950s Russia – Omsk, to be precise – for some paranoid Cold War sci-fi. Meet anxious Arkady and his stoically mysterious comrade Yakov, a quirky caretaker with a past. ‘First we drink, then we save the world!’

A Walk in the Park is the final offering, a blood-chilling Edwardian ghost story in true ‘The Woman in Black’ style.

Draw the curtains, settle on the sofa with a cosy rug and a cuppa and prepare to be transported.

Book Details
List Price: $1.99
Print Length: 215 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: March 2, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508063384

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About the author

A. J. Monkton
Bath, UK

A. J. Monkton is the pen name I use for historical fiction. I also write fantasy adventures and short stories under my real name, Pamela Kelt. Originally born in Edinburgh, I grew up in the North West of England, went to the universities of Manchester and Oxford, specialising in 17th-century Spanish comic drama. Although I started out as a translator, I escaped via a turbulent and circuitous route of journalism and educational publishing to expand my interests to include botanical history, science fiction, local history, architecture, cocktails, wine-making and avoiding DIY. I’m also a fan of Insular art and other early Medieval stuff inspired by my daughter Lauren's history of art degrees at Edinburgh. I returned to writing to combat the ‘empty nest’ syndrome and I’m now the author of several novels and stories. Half my books are historical fiction, with one ‘retro’ title set in a 1980s newsroom, while the rest are fantasy adventures. One title, Half Life, is a co-production with my husband, Rob Deeth, a newly-retired (make that semi-retired!) professor of inorganic computational chemistry and flying buff. Currently, I am working on The Blackfern Conspiracy, an action-packed sequel to The Lost Orchid, as well as a dark murder mystery called Machiavelli’s Acolyte, set in 17th-century Eastern Europe, introducing the death-magnet, Viktor Radislav. Of course, that’s not his real name.