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Dashing off in a daring elopement with a prince, handpicked by her mother, Lady Gwyneth Snowdon anticipates an extravagant, secure future. But when a mysterious stranger kidnaps her, Gwyneth fears her happy ending is doomed.

Used by his maniacal father, Edmund Pembroke turned his back on society. Seizing the opportunity to say good-bye to his past forever, he makes a deal to separate the pampered countess from a gold-digging imposter. But when Edmund discovers her life is in danger, he is forced to protect the beautiful, well-born Gwyneth Snowdon and to confront his ghosts.

Separated from her plush surroundings, Gwyneth learns she’s capable of so much—including love for a man with neither title nor fortune. But she begins to suspects there is more to her rugged, handsome guardian than he’s chosen to reveal. After finding herself at the center of a sinister deception, can she dare to trust her heart to a man who’s spent years deceiving himself?

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 378 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: July 2, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9780994035783

Enchanted Tales

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Not Your Average Beauty
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No Prince Charming

About the author

Michelle Helliwell

I am a firm believer that magic is everywhere if you care to look, and that a ripped bodice never goes out of fashion. The swish of heavy skirts, guys in linen shirts, and moody weather is my happy place. Throw in a pinch of fairy tale inspiration, and you’ve got the mix for my fairy tale inspired historical romances. I spend my time dreaming, writing, and indulging in a (not so) teeny lego video game obsession in Nova Scotia, Canada where moody weather and bagpipes are plentiful, but alas, guys in puffy shirts are too few. I'm working hard on book 3 of my Enchanted Tales series, which is due in October 2017.