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Explore the unlimited nature of love and its many incarnations in Love Unlimited, an anthology featuring eleven short stories and novellas by women authors that cross generations, cultural backgrounds, and borders. 

Some of the stories will warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, and make you reflect on the complex nature of love.


When Ursula aims her cupid’s arrow at an office colleague, the drama begins with a series of handwritten letters. Penned to charm and disarm, the one-sided letters take on a life of their own... until one day Ursula decides it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. What could possibly go wrong?

IN HER SPACE by Geralyn Corcillo

A sixty-four-year-old woman lives quietly, content with all she has survived in life. But things change when she discovers a homeless young man living under her small house.


While clashing with his stern but swoon-worthy producer, George, about the show’s direction—and trying to plan his best friend’s wedding—Smyth will have to choose what he needs more: fame or love.


A contemporary enemies to lovers romance about a poly-sci major home for the summer from college. While visiting her ailing grandfather in the hospital, she meets a hot RN with strong political opinions, completely opposite of her own.

SUPERMOM by Katie Leonard

When her mother-in-law is injured, Lauren is forced to bring her wife’s son (okay, he’s her son, too) to a comic book convention. As she navigates a world of masked heroes, flirty villains, and a giant gorilla, she learns unexpected lessons about empathy and love.

THE SHINING GIRL by Anne Hamilton

Surviving a cyclone, Caroline travels from India to London and back again, to find – maybe – the man she once loved but shouldn’t have. En route, a surreal encounter with her would-be guardian angel helps her redefine love, life, and what she really wants from both.

KANEEZ’S BULBUL: THE SONGBIRD by Zainab Muhammad Shahid

Set in Lahore, the capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab, this love story features a young couple whose marriage of convenience reveals dark family secrets from the pre-Partition era. If love gives life, it certainly has the power to take it away.


Jessica “Flygirl” Roark has no problem with flying headlong into danger to save the citizens of Springfield, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to nerves on the eve of her wedding. Sure, she’s survived ovarian cancer and learned to control her new powers of flight, but is she ready for her second chance at romance?

STARTING OVER by Lizbeth Durano

When her flight is delayed due to a snowstorm, a young painter, recently betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, finds herself stuck overnight at Gate 27. But she’s not alone for she finds a new friend in a carefree young man who just might be the perfect friend for the duration of the wait… maybe even longer.

PARIS IN APRIL by Therese Giraldi

An American woman has her life upended on an April day in Paris.

KISS MY SWEET SKULL by Amy Gettinger

Is Indiana sugar cream pie seriously the only answer for Betty, an anthropology professor with a daunting forensic task and suffocating skull dreams that haunt her nightly? Or could a perfectly timed, yummy kiss be just the thing she needs to see her through this Halloween?

Book Details
Print Length: 349 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: August 23, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537858456

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About the author

Lizbeth Durano
Southern California

Liz grew up devouring fairy tales and her mother's book collection (don't tell her!) that included Harold Robbins, James Clavell, and Colleen McCullough. Although she studied Journalism in college, she discovered that she preferred writing fiction and so these days, that's what she does. She writes women's fiction and romance, contemporary and historical.