Book Description

The shadowy character known as the Driver arrives at the weary town of Halgraeve with little more than a reluctant sense of duty. As he observes five people connected by a flurry of revenge-fueled arson, a secret unravels that will prompt him to step in and alter the course of their lives.

Book two in the experimental Driver series.

Book Details
Print Length: 123 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: March 6, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508065098

The Driver Series

The Camaro Murders
Lady in Flames
Beacon Road Bedlam

About the author

Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis prefers not to be bound by a particular genre. Though the inspiration for his work varies, it often finds roots in something he dreamt. He strives for a gritty realism and maintains an interest in the humanity of his characters. His hope is that readers find themselves haunted by his stories in the sense that the narrative sticks with them long after they've finished reading, leaving them with a subtle restlessness for more. Mr. Lewis is the author of The Camaro Murders, Lady in Flames, Power in the Hands of One, Godspeed, Carry My Bullet, and Beacon Road Bedlam. He has been writing since 2002.