C.J. Daniels
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Jason Knight, former assassin and now a wanted fugitive finally has what he hopes is a breakthrough in his battle against the aliens who killed his wife and plot to take Earth for themselves. Used as a pawn by their leader Satan to kill God, Knight, with the help of his target, Godan, turned the tables on the evil entity. On the run and out gunned, he must gather resources and find believers to aid him in the battle against alien deities who claim to have laid the seeds of human creation.

Now, rumors of a new book about these invaders, Revelations, is about to publish. Written by bestselling mystery writer Philip Mason; is this the text that will finally give Knight the advantage he needs for the battles to come? The only way to discover the truth is to reach the author before Mason and his manuscript disappear forever. With new allies and enemies, can Knight prevent the global apocalypse that can only conclude with the End of Days for all human life on Earth?     

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List Price: $0.99
Print Length: 67 Pages
Publisher: Off the Beaten Path Press
Publication Date: April 30, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537895826

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C.J. Daniels