JAnn Bowers


She's Gone...Broken, Battered & Bruised
Words Whisper to Me
Poetry Playground
It's Now My Time
Tequila River


Is Graffiti Art?

About the author

JAnn Bowers
Eureka, MT, USA

+ JAnn has written poetry for all ages. JAnn has poetry published on the following sites: Micropoetry, SpillWords, Scriggler, and HighOnPoems. + JAnn was born and raised in Western Montana. She has four kids and two grandchildren.She is a lover of the 80’s music scene and spends her time listening to random songs from her childhood while she writes. She is also a beginner in yoga. She finds comfort in meditating to release the anxiety and daily stress. She is a major coffee drinker and she believes the power of her pen and paper should not be tampered with.