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15 Weeks
Driving Thailand
Thailand in Perspective
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Thailand in perspective: Thailand Diaries - Volume 3

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James King

James King is an Englishman who emigrated to South Africa in 1995. His work took him all over the Country, visiting Cities, townships and rural areas, gaining valuable insight into the culture and lives of the people after apartheid was dismantled. He is well travelled, has mixed with politicians, sports stars, creatives, music impresarios, business tycoons, murderers, fraudsters, and even hired assassins. Each of them has provided rare material that adds vivid colour to his writing. In 2008 James moved to Thailand, in semi-retirement where he has built two houses, renovated another, created a tropical garden from waste land, built a successful blog, written books and become an accomplished amateur photographer. James’ niche is in the literary and suspense drama genre although he started by writing non-fiction travel books. His writing emphasises story with a literary bent and character driven suspense with twists, turns, and feeling. His first novel is due to be published in 2017. His poetry drifts from the romantic to a fear for the survival of our world and the darkness of death. Inspired by music, film, and literature, Shakespeare, Dickens, Hesse, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan have all had a profound influence on his writing at some point.