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Love is the mystery of the world. Nobody has the correct answers...So stop searching for them

Many of these poems, if not all, were written for that secret love that ended by fading away on a starry night a few years ago. I was crushed, devastated and beyond grief when I lost his friendship. The poem, “The Disease” was written after I finally was able to let go but still realized that he had feelings but was too scared to show me. The poem, “Saw You Today” was written after one of our short conversations, again the feelings we had were more than alive, but to no avail would he love me like I loved him.

Saw you today,

As you walked closer

I could see the smile

That haunts me at night

I was longing to hear your voice

And there it was

You standing there

Telling me all your great stories

Laughing like we use to

Sharing something special

That we only know is there

Pride is dangerous and cruel

It slips in just in time

Wakes you up and then

There you go

Leaving me standing

There watching you

Walking away

Wanting to run after you

But too scared to

Because all I can feel is

This void that you leave

Within me each time I

See you

But I can smile knowing that

I saw you today.

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