Walt Stone
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ICEFALL: KILL SHOT contains the first episode (chapters 1-6) of THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES, and introduces the people who inhabit what remains of a world flooded and trapped in a perpetual ice age.

Reynal, a dogsled delivery driver for Królik Trading & Transport learns a long buried family secret, climbs, swims, and scrambles his way through the Ice Runner Games, and witnesses firsthand the power of Cerebus' killer tech.

Sailing the Eastern Sea on the Huo Long, MEDcadet Odessa is tested by her surgery professor, speculates with her friends on the differences between Earthland and Cerebus men, and is the sole witness to a heinous murder.

ICEFALL, the first full-length book in THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES, contains episodes 1 - 6 (40 chapters) of the series. It is an Earth-based sci-fi adventure set in a future beset by a climatic disaster.

For a nail biting mix of adventure, science, and survival, pick up ICEFALL today and explore this exciting new world!  

Book Details
Print Length: 99 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: February 13, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508059561

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