Walt Stone
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Odessa, a nineteen-year-old MEDcadet, witnesses the murder of her anatomy professor and finds herself in fear for her life while sailing from her home on Rhone across the Eastern Sea to Earthland. She needs someone to trust, someone to confide in, to turn to, but she can't speak of what she's seen without endangering her podmates.

Reynal Królik, an eighteen-year-old dog sled driver on Earthland, sees firsthand the power of Cerebus's killer tech while alone on a pickup for his adoptive father's trading post. The cruel violence reinforces his hatred for everything about Cerebus, especially since he's just learned they are responsible for his mother's murder.

When Rey and Odessa meet, they discover they're on opposite sides of a secret mission to save the planet. Along with their friends and a notorious outlaw, they race against time to escape Earthland.  But can they trust each other while evading Cerebus’s flagship war zeppelin in order for Rey to complete the task for which he was destined? A destiny Odessa was taught to deny and will fight to prevent?

KILL SHOT is the first episode in THE CLEARSKY CHRONICLES, an Earth-based science fiction adventure set in a future beset by a catastrophic climate change. Book 1, ICEFALL, contains the first six episodes (including KILL SHOT) and is available now!

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Print Length: 100 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: February 13, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508059561

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