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FBI Agent, Kirk Ingram's wife and daughter are murdered before his eyes. Despite grievous injuries, he survives. Tormented by his inability to save them, Ingram’s only salvation is in the life he once wanted to give up.

A CIA operation to acquire a deadly nerve agent, Citex, is foiled when somebody beats the Agency at their own game. The questions facing every intelligence agency are: Who has Citex? When will they use it? What are the targets?

Amanda Gunner thought the only problem she had was a failed relationship. But in a span of hours her father is killed, she is witness to multiple homicides, an attempt is made on her life, and Amanda is on the run.

Kirk Ingram leads a Joint Task Force of FBI and DEA agents on a raid that turns into a slaughter. Following a lead, that comes at another personal loss, Ingram realises that a shadowy east European terror organisation is in play.

As Ingram races to apprehend the mastermind known as the Conductor, he is unaware that there is a lot more at stake.

And Ingram may not be the only tormented soul who can prevent a Citex attack.

Book Details
Print Length: 309 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508065173

Kirk Ingram action series


About the author

Douglas Misquita
Mumbai, India

Hi there! Thanks for coming by. I'm Douglas Misquita, an action/ adventure thriller writer. When I set down to tell a story, I want to immerse readers in a fast, high-octane film... only this one flips by on the pages of a book! My goal is literary entertainment. And because I want to spread a little awareness, I sprinkle in real-world locales, incidents, possibilities, and up-coming tech. The Kirk Ingram action series revolve around a revenant FBI agent. These are the grittier ones. Then there's the Luc Fortesque adventures, centered on a French mercenary - my anti-hero offering. I've got some standalones in the mix, too. I'm a telecom guy by day (still), and a writer/ musician by night. Check out the books, spread the word. Have a great read!