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Green Comet is an expansive story of love and adventure set on an inhabited comet.  It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution and Share-Alike license (CC-BY-SA.)

As Elgin wakes from a centuries-long sleep, it's to the memory of danger and loss.  Even in the confusion of re-animation, he wonders if this time she'll be there.  But then he remembers the mysterious Visitor and the perilous mission that took Frances from him, and darkness closes in again.  Even so, there's always the hope that this time will be different, that they will have found a way.  It was always like this.  Hope would always rise again, no matter how often it was struck down.

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 541 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: December 22, 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 9780991953202

Green Comet

Green Comet
Parasite Puppeteers
The Francesians

About the author

Jim Bowering
Jim lives in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea. Now he writes books.