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The old woman’s enemies had taken her most precious possession—her son, Carlo. He was lost to her now. Lost by trickery and deceit. But the three people who had cut out her heart would pay in kind. They would feel the pain she had felt. For they each had a son: Wyatt Boudreaux, Garner Rousseau, and Andrei Sobatka. Each would suffer a fate worse than death. A fate that would follow him till the end of his days.

Part 2: Garner

Love is Death

Garner Rousseau’s father prosecuted Carlo Mustov, but when gypsy healer Sabina King tracks the district attorney down to beg help for her cousin, Garner tells her she’s too late. His father is dead, just like everyone else Garner has ever loved. Can Sabina heal Garner’s terrible curse? Or will their growing love for one another seal her fate?

Gypsy Magic: Wyatt…Garner…Andrei…each of these compelling stories ends with an HEA for the hero and heroine. But only the full set will finally get to the bottom of the murder mystery. Be sure to read them all!


“You’re from the carnival, aren’t you?”

His voice didn’t carry the sneer of most townsfolks’ voices when they identified her as part of the carnival. But after hearing it so many times and seeing the way they clutched purses and fingered wallets, she couldn’t help raising her chin a little in defiance. “Yes, I am from the carnival.”

“You sold charms for your aunt. Healing spells.” The corners of his lips crooked up with the hint of a wistful smile. But there wasn’t anything wistful in the aura she read. No longer the brilliant glow, it was weak, uneven, the color subdued. He was wounded somehow. Crippled.

What had happened to the boy who’d defended her all those years ago? The boy she’d thought about many times since?

“Can I help you?” His voice startled her out of her thoughts.

“I’ve come to speak to Claude Rousseau. This is his home, isn’t it?”

“Sure is.” The man held out his hand. “The name is Garner.”

“Sabina King.” She placed her hand in his. His grip was steady, his hand neither smooth nor overly rough with calluses. And as his skin pressed against hers, a warm feeling spread up her arm and curled inside her, low in her belly. So like the feeling she’d gotten years ago when she was still a girl, when her gaze had first met his across a crowded midway.

He held her hand too long for a simple handshake. “So why do you want to see my father?”

His words jarred her like a splash of icy water. “You’re Claude Rousseau’s son?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

The words of Aunt Valonia’s angry curse echoed through Sabina's mind.

Justice is blind. Love is death. The law is impotent.

So the boy she’d never been able to chase from her memory was Claude Rousseau’s son. The son of Valonia’s curse. Was the curse responsible for his injured aura, the lines of worry and pain in his face?

She kept the question to herself. Even if Garner Rousseau believed her story about Valonia’s curse, telling him he was cursed by the mother of the man she was trying to save was a sure way to blow any chance she had to help Carlo. “I need to talk to Claude Rousseau. I’ll explain why I’ve come only to him.”

“Only to him, chère? Then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.”

“Where can I find him?”

“The family mausoleum. My father died two weeks ago.”

*Gypsy Magic: Garner was originally published under the title Gypsy Magic: Sabina

Book Details
Print Length: 82 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: April 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508066668

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Ann Voss Peterson
Madison, Wisconsin

Ann Voss Peterson is the author of over thirty novels and has millions of books in print all over the globe. Winner of the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award and a Rita finalist, Ann is known for her adrenaline-fueled thrillers and romantic suspense novels, including the Codename: Chandler spy thrillers she writes with J.A. Konrath and her own thriller series featuring small town Wisconsin police chief Val Ryker. A creative writing major in college, Ann worked all manner of jobs after graduation, ranging from grooming show horses to washing windows, and now she draws on her wide variety of life experiences to fill her fictional worlds with compelling energy and undeniable emotion. She lives near Madison, Wisconsin with her family and their border collie.