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“Experimental College: My summer in Serendip” is a lighthearted comedy with tragic overtones, which asks some ominous questions. Aiming at your heart, it may unexpectedly grab at your crotch but hopes to offer something to your head.

Dave Price is twenty, old enough to know what he wants to do with his remaining college years--he thinks--and still young enough to be faking an ID. In June he thinks he's got things figured out pretty much. By August he'll be practically unrecognizable to his June self. During Summer Quarter, Ellen the nursing student across the hall, his roommate Duncan and a further cast of “Dorm Zanies” challenge Dave's concept of self, gender and sexuality. He'll never be the same after this trip but is pretty much glad he came. From the time a female dorm neighbor questions Dave about his "nice roommate" to the time his mother discovers gum wrappers all over his bedroom floor and girls' underpants in his dresser drawer, you'll live one surprise after another with Dave. 

Summer 1974 is at the end of the Hippie Era but long before Reagan. Gay, Bi and Trans politics are in flower but being any of these things can get you fired, expelled, Discharged--or killed. Dave Price, a double major student in engineering and Journalism is about to discover that the most complex equations needing to be solved aren't those involved in Newtonian Mechanics or A. C. Circuits. 

Whether you're Straight, Bi, Gay and whether or not you give a damn about spacecraft or news reporting, you'll find something to ponder during the Summer of '74 and in The Magical Land of Serendip!!  


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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 286 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: February 22, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508058328

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About the author

Glynda Shaw
Moses Lake, Washington

Glynda Shaw is a Seattle native who has at one time or other lived in most parts of Washington State as well as Northern Idaho and the Midwest. Glynda found science fiction a congenial and inspirational milieu in which to live out her adolescent dreams. Initially drawing on short stories and novels as sources of ideas, she was soon expressing her own scientific and technological speculations in the words of her fictional characters. Glynda studied Aerospace Engineering, Communications and Journalism at the University of Washington. At one point during her life, she had a homestead in Northern Idaho and has built solar collectors, raised animals, distilled alcohol and is currently working on a windmill.