Leo Hardy
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Charlie Charlie, The Hosting Game, Ouija boards, The Midnight Game and a few more are covered in this book. There are games that have proven to be too dangerous to play and we are not talking about games that involve fast cars, driving, bullets or wild animals, but games that involve the supernatural. Games like Tarot, Ouija, The Hosting Game and countless others were contacting spirits have been around for centuries. These games have been causing supernatural infestations for years as well.

Despite warnings from those who have played them and members of the clergy people continue to play these games. In my book Evil Games That Should Not be Played, you will learn the rules and hazards of some of the most dangerous occult games on earth. The game Charlie Charlie has caused mass hysteria in a group of girls that played it. One Man Hide and Seek may be the creepiest game that I have ever researched and countless haunting and satanic incidences can be traced back to the use of spirit and or Ouija boards.

Also, you will read about herbs, charms, and talismans used to defend against evil spirits and the cleansing ceremonies that can get rid of them.

I hope that you will read about the games in this book, but I strongly suggest that you play none of them. More than your life may be at risk if you do. You have been warned.

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Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: August 18, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508043744

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