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Magic, myth and legend come together in this story of a girl and her family. 

Her male dominated family and the challenges of coping with female plumbing within it. 

All that and a mystery too; a family curse that only Rosemary can break. 

It begins with a trip to the school nurse and ends with conversations with the devil. How the hell did Rosemary get here?

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Print Length: 21 Pages
Publisher: Creativity Defined
Publication Date: October 30, 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508047056

Child of Destiny Series

In The Shadow of the Styx
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Child of Destiny
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Annemarie Musawale
My Living Room

Annemarie is a homo sapiens sapiens sapiens. She has one devoted son who she sees when he has nothing better to do and a dog named Becky With the Good Hair. She enjoys reading and writing fan fiction on AO3, watching Supernatural and Shadowhunters; and she's a great fan of sleeping..