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D. Jordan Padrona
Ocala, Florida

Born in Boston and raised just north of the city, my creativity was always inspired by my surroundings. Spending my teenage years in and around the city of Salem gave me an appreciation of all things mystical, which led me to a fascination for paranormal. The urge towards romance can be laid squarely at the feet of my sister, who first introduced me to classic Harlequin romances. I have expressed my creativity through short stories, fan fiction and now, finally, through my first novel. In my free time (when I'm not writing) I'm a coffee connoisseur (read: snob), a Mom to a son who served our country in the Air Force, and wife to a woman I still can't believe puts up with me. I'm also owned by 2 cats and 3 dogs. They allow me to live in their home because I have thumbs and can open both doors and food.