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James' business partner has disappeared. 

Martin's good friend needs his help finding a business partner who has disappeared in Venezuela. He leaves Ugly Bill to handle loading cargo in Guyana and heads down there, but all he can find is the man's sailboat -- and it's burning on a Venezuelan beach. 

The missing man's wife, vacationing in Margarita, doesn't seem concerned about him, but a mysterious woman and an ex British spy seem very interested in finding the man. But why? 

Martin needs some answers, and it would be best if he found them before Ugly Bill gets too tired of him playing detective.

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 234 Pages
Publisher: Float Street Press
Publication Date: February 27, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781508062790

The Martin Billings Stories

Under Low Skies
Death Benefits

About the author

Ed Teja
New Mexico, USA

I'm a lifelong traveler. I write about the places I've seen and lived and they are as varied as the people I meet along the way. These places and people inhabit my stories and give them life.