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Welcome to Willow Creek ...

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Willow Creek is a picturesque and quiet town where Emily Dune relocates after accepting an unusual job offer. It quickly becomes apparent that the town’s residents aren’t what they seem. Populated by wolf-shifters, the town is in actuality a large pack, one that practices polygamy. Her appearance does more than sexual charge all three of the Alpha’s sons. It also marks the dawn of a troubling time that will claim the lives of some, devastate others, and forever change the Willow Creek pack.

Book One

Claimed by Her Wolves

Recently arrived in town, Emily soon discovers her new boss’s three sons, Scott, Ryan, and Nathan, all want her. That would intimidate any woman, but fate has more planned as the past she outran returns, promising to ruin her new existence and her relationship with the Tremblay brothers. One brother will suffer devastating consequences, while another makes a decision that will affect not only the quartet, but also all in town, for a terrible treat is descending upon the pack and it may not survive the coming storm.


This book may contain words or language that is considered profane, vulgar, or offensive by some readers. Some scenes may be considered objectionable or offensive. For example, some scenes contain graphic depictions of violence, human anatomy, or sexual acts, and as such may contain triggers for some readers.

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List Price: $2.99
Print Length: 285 Pages
Publisher: Knoble Passions
Publication Date: April 20, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537898926

About the author

Cynthia Knoble
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Driven, creative and with a fondness for supernatural themes, I write paranormal and contemporary romance. Future works include more paranormal titles, and my first contemporary cowboy romance. I've been writing professionally since 2014, although I've written stories my entire life. It's always been my release, but life always got in the way of my pursuit of writing as my dream career. Six years ago, as the single mom of two boys, and at the age of forty-one, I attended college, eager to pursue a career in culinary arts. Unfortunately I became ill in my last semester of school, and while I did graduate, I've never been physically able to work as a chef. Sidelined, I decided to take the plunge, to pursue my first dream, that of being a published author. It was the best decision I could have made. While not lucrative, the joy of sharing my stories with others has made up for the devastation of being unable to work. I may not be wealthy, or famous, but I'm happy and that's a huge accomplishment in my eyes. This year will see many new offerings from me. The third and final book in the Ravages of Spirit series, Deference, will be released soon, and I'm working on my first cowboy romance, Done a Runner, which I'm very excited about. Future plans include trying my hand at a Christmas romance, and working on erotic romance titles under Cynthia Knoble. Writing under Cynthia Knoble, I explore various forms of sexuality in my writing. This penname produces paranormal erotic romances and contemporary erotic romances. The sex is hotter, and much more explicit in both description and language. Horror titles available under the penname Anne Kaye: Reading The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe at the tender age of eight inspired a life-long love of the macabre. My mother, one of the coolest women in the world, handed me Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot next and I was forevermore a fan of all that is dark and mysterious. The thought of an entire world of unknown entities that live amongst us is both terrifying and invigorating. Perhaps it's all merely fiction but perhaps it's more. After struggling my entire life with self-esteem issues, I've finally found the courage to submit my work for publication. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long writing career in which I'll share my tales, hoping to scare readers while simultaneously inspiring them with stories of protagonists overcoming supernatural obstacles. It's a lovely balance of emotions I strive for, and while not all my stories have happy endings, each is certain to frighten readers, and that is something that pleases me immensely. Paisley is a novella that provides that mix of hope and fear, a story of an author that travels to Paisley, Scotland to research his new book about witch-trials that occurred in the town in the late seventeenth century. He soon learns that nothing good comes from dredging up the past. My newest publication is Into The Void, a collection of short stories that is definitely not for the squeamish. One of the stories was rejected by a publisher for being too dark but I've since revised it and offer it now, along with two others, in the publication. It sells for 99 cents in all major Amazon markets. My work isn't for the sensitive reader but for those wishing to explore dark places, push boundaries and feel fear. Join me on my journey, but keep the lights on just in case. * I have big plans for Knoble Passions and hope to see some of them come to fruition in the next few years. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and, please, feel free to contact me. I love interacting with readers and always appreciate hearing any comments others have on my work.