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                         Return to Jenkins Cove

       Christmas… Ghosts… Mystery… Romance…

Something evil lurks in the charming town of Jenkins Cove. When Sophie Caldwell devotes a room in her B&B to communicate with spirits, dangerous secrets rise to the surface, and the lives of three couples will never be the same.

Return to Jenkins Cove: Christmas Spirit... Christmas Awakening... Christmas Delivery...

To get the whole story, read all three!

Christmas Spirit, by Rebecca York

Michael Bryant hates people who claim a fake connection with the supernatural because his mom spent all their money on fake mediums in a vain attempt to contact his dead father. And as far as he’s concerned, that includes 99 percent of psychics. When he reads about Chelsea Caldwell’s supposed ghost sightings in the charming tourist town of Jenkins Cove, he books a room in her aunt’s B&B so he can debunk her fantastic story. But Chelsea’s not telling lies. A ghost really is trying to contact her—to get justice for hundreds of area murder victims. Against his will, Michael is drawn to Chelsea. Soon they are attacked by a mysterious watcher determined to stop their investigations. And because he’s fallen for Chelsea, Michael wrestles with the lies he’s told about his motives for coming to town. Worse, when Chelsea’s life is in danger, Michael discovers the only way to save her is to trust the words of a ghost.

Excerpt from Christmas Spirit

Michael and Chelsea investigate an old warehouse:

As Michael reached the center of the room, a white and gray cloud of whirring, flapping ghosts came rushing toward them.

Chelsea gasped. Michael caught her in his arms, covering her head with one of his hands as a flock of seabirds flapped around the interior before finding their way out through the holes in the roof.

The large room was suddenly silent again. But everything had changed in the space of a heartbeat. Once again, he was holding Chelsea in his arms. And once again, he marveled at how good that felt.

He murmured her name, and she raised her head. Their eyes met, and he silently asked her the question.

“Don’t,” she whispered. “Don’t kiss me.”

He ached to cover her mouth with his, but he wouldn’t go against her wishes. Still, he kept his arms around her. “Why not?” Male arrogance had him adding, “We both want to.”

“Yes,” she acknowledged. “But not here. They’re watching.”

He looked around. “There’s nobody here.”

“Can’t you sense it?” she asked in a hushed voice.

He stood very still, feeling the beating of his own heart and imagining he could feel hers, too. Above that rhythm of life, he detected something else.

The air in this place was thick. Not with dust or any kind of man-made particles. It was thick with a kind of energy that seemed to swirl around him and press in against him, making it hard to breathe.

Like the night he’d walked along Center Street, he felt a coldness in the air.

He could explain that part, though. In here, the roof of the building was keeping out the sun, so naturally it was colder.

Christmas Awakening, by Ann Voss Peterson

When Marie Leonard returns to Jenkins Cove for her father’s funeral, she never expects to rekindle her romance with billionaire recluse Brandon Drake…nor to be haunted by the ghost of his dead wife.

Christmas Delivery, by Patricia Rosemoor

Haunted by ghosts, Jenkins Cove will now have to deal with Simon Shea who has “returned from the dead” seeking revenge...only to reconnect with Lexie Thornton, the girl he loved, and the daughter they conceived thirteen years ago.

“The air,” Chelsea whispered. “It’s cold and thick. And there are voices.”

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List Price: $3.99
Print Length: 226 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: November 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781641860611

Return to Jenkins Cove

Christmas Spirit
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Christmas Awakening (Return to Jenkins Cove Book 2)
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Christmas Delivery (Return to Jenkins Cove Book 3)

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Rebecca York
Columbia, MD

NY Times & USA Today best-seller, Rebecca York, is the author of over 150 books. She has written paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intrigue. Her romantic-suspense series, Decorah Security, is set at a detective agency where agents have paranormal powers or work paranormal cases. She also writes an Off-World series where each story is a science fiction romance taking place on a distant planet in the far future. The first of her Berkley Sensation paranormal romantic suspense novels, KILLING MOON, was a launch book for the imprint. She also wrote the popular 43 Light Street series for Harlequin Intrigue. In addition, as Ruth Glick, she has authored or co-authored 15 cookbooks. The latest is THE 2 DAY A WEEK DIET COOKBOOK. Rebecca’s many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and Series Romantic Mystery. NOWHERE MAN was the Romantic Times Best Intrigue of 1998, and the book was selected as one of their Reviewers' "all-time favorite 400 romances." In addition, she received the 1998 Affaire de Coeur's Critics Choice Award for Best Contemporary Novel, also for NOWHERE MAN. Ruth's book, KILLING MOON, won the 2003 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award for best Paranormal. AMANDA'S CHILD won the 2001 Golden Leaf Award for Long Contemporary and was nominated for Best Intrigue of 2000 by Romantic Times. She is one of a small group of authors to have won the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award. Ruth and her husband travel frequently to research settings for novels and taste new dishes for cookbooks. Her many unique experiences are apt to end up in her books--like the time she encountered a coral snake in the Guatemalan jungle or took a flight in a glider plane.