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Steven Simon, Ph.D.
Tampa Bay Area, Florida

Over the past 45+ years, I've consulted on career issues, managed and taught others who do the same, served as a vocational expert in Court, and have written numerous articles on mid and late career issues. All my professional experience and training, including a Ph.D. in Counseling and a master's in Rehabilitation Counseling, has focused on helping others navigate their most difficult career hurdles. Recent interests have been in mid and late career change, with the intent of helping clients restore passion and meaning to their work lives. Look for my next book expected in late 2017 entitled "RELAUNCH! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal at Mid-Career and Beyond". The book is based on listening to what clients have confided as their most pressing and distressing issues regarding jobs and careers, and how we have attempted to restore or find for the first time a new love for the work they do.