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When Thea’s philandering husband dies in a car accident, she is relieved and tastes freedom… until her husband’s wicked past catches up with her. Mistrusting of all men she reluctantly teams up with Mark, a private insurance investigator.

Mark, world-weary after his wife of thirty-five years dies, finds new life when thugs threaten Thea and decides to take on her case.

Together they form a perfect team as they embark on unravelling the mystery of a three million dollar insurance policy, locating a missing daughter, and getting to the bottom of a fortune hidden in safe deposit boxes.

Can their mutual attraction turn into love, even when a natural disaster threatens to tear them apart? Find out in this romantic mystery that takes you through New Zealand on a wild chase for the truth.

A CASE FOR LOVE is the second of four books in the GOLDEN GIRLS Series featuring mature women and men.

Four long-time friends are faced with life changing decisions. As so often happens, life throws some serious obstacles their way but being strong Kiwi women, they don't cower in fear. Instead, they meet those challenges head-on.

With the help of each other, they answer the age-old question: Do we quietly sit back and grow old or is there still one more adventure? One more love?

Each one of the four friends has a book to her name. A CASE FOR LOVE is Thea's story.

Book Details
Print Length: 346 Pages
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: June 14, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781537892733

Golden Girl Series

Bonds of Love
A Tuscan Affair
A Case For Love
Whispers Of Love

About the author

Gudrun Frerichs

Gudrun Frerichs is a retired psychotherapist and full-time writer. She is passionate about challenging stereotypes and giving older women a voice in romantic novels, showing the rich life they lead. Of German origin, she lives with her family in New Zealand, her home for the last 30 years.