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If you need help with your prayer life, this is it. This book will revolutionise your prayer life. At the end of the twenty-one-day period, strong vision and passion for prayer would have found expression in you and rather than walk you will be soaring unhindered in the place of prayer.

This is a 21-day journey into newness in your prayer. Learn what the prayer giants know so that you can be like them, and multiply the results of prayer in your life. The topics covered include family prayer, spending more time in prayer, the spirit and soul in prayer, the higher level, controlling the pull of sleep and planning.

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Print Length: 30 Pages
Publisher: Greatlight books
Publication Date: April 15, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781531247355

21 days spiritual journey series

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21 Days to a Vibrant Prayer Life
21 days to Drop a Bad Habit

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Kayode Crown

I want to see everyone discover their purpose in God and pursue it with passion, precision, and power. As a Christian author for many years, I have published over 150 books. Join me to make all of them free @